We're looking for craft / DIY submissions which have clear, easy-to-follow instructions. We prefer projects which call for supplies the average parent already has around the home, or projects which require minimal purchase of special supplies. Ideally, the Babiekins DIY is a craft a child or group of children would be excited about doing, rather than a craft an adult completes on the child's behalf. Seasonal or holiday-themed content is fun, but we love creativity and cultural celebrations, as well as the celebration of the everyday.

When thinking about what to submit, keep our favorite crafts in mind.

The content should fit the Babiekins aesthetic and not have been published, posted, shared, or displayed elsewhere. We're looking for content that’s fresh, original, and trendsetting!

Babiekins Magazine does not currently pay for any form of submissions. Any expenses or costs are the responsibility of the contributor unless hired prior to the project by the Babiekins team. We also cannot guarantee that content submitted will be used on the blog, on social media, the website, digital or print formats.

Any content you submit to Babiekins Magazine must NOT be published in any other magazine, blog, website, e-zine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media network, or anywhere else online for anyone to view. If you make your submission -- or any outtakes from your submission-- public at any point or in any form before we present the content online via any of our platforms, we reserve the right to pull the content from our platforms in its entirety without notice and without your consent.

We will not tolerate any form of plagiarism or copying in whole or in part. If it is discovered that any part of your submission is not your original work, we reserve the right to pull the content from our platforms in its entirety without notice and without your consent.

+ The submission is the same or similar to another content we are planning or have planned, have already received, or have already scheduled for publication.
+ The quality or style of the content -- images, writing, theme or other -- is not right for our platforms. 
+ The content requires too much editing in order to be publication-ready.
+ The content is season- or holiday-themed and is not submitted in sufficient time prior to the occasion. 
+ The content has already been published, posted, shared, or displayed in another venue, online or otherwise.
+ Some part of the content is not original.

Please submit each image in two versions/sizes, one for the web and one for print. As an example, for Picture1.jpg you would submit Web_Picture1.jpg and also Print_Picture1.jpg.
+ Web Version: 700px wide minimum, and no more than 1000px wide. Images must not be taken with a mobile/cell phone camera. JPG, GIF or PNG formats only.
+ Print version: High-resolution and print quality; i.e., 300dpi. JPG, GIF or PNG formats only.

If after reading familiarizing yourself with the Babiekins aesthetic you think your project would be a good fit, we invite you to submit content for consideration!
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.